Problem Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy outside the womb, meaning that the egg that has been fertilized by sperm does not stick in the womb. The fertilized egg can be attached to the fallopian tube, ovary, abdomen or cervix. When conception attaches to one of these organs, conception can not develop into an embryo because the organ lacks sufficient protective space or tissue such as the uterus. If the embryo grows, the prospective mother is at risk of bleeding and threatened. Fetal ectopic pregnancy is almost never born alive, even usually fall in the first eight weeks. Symptoms are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, and pain in one part of the lower abdomen and accompanied by mild bleeding. If the fallopian tube ruptures, there will be very serious internal bleeding and pain so that the mother may faint. Feeling problematic with your womb? It’s good consultation to get further handling to Gynaecologist Singapore. Here you will be briefed on your pregnancy and pregnancy in order to remain stable.


The action to address the problem depends on the location and age of the pregnancy. If the problem is diagnosed early in pregnancy, you will be injected with methotrexate to abort the conception. If the pregnancy has been several weeks, you need to be in operation to lift that conception out. Conception can also be expelled through laparoscopic, surgery with minimal invasion of the body. Women who have had an ectopic pregnancy can still get pregnant normal and healthy in the next pregnancy. Grape pregnancy is an abnormal placenta pregnancy because of problems that arise when the egg and sperm are joined. This problem is caused by genetic imperfection at the time of conception, so there is abnormal tissue growth in the womb. Grape pregnancies rarely produce developing embryos. The faster growing precisely the fetal support materials rather than the fetus itself. The ingredients of this material are cells that are shaped like a wine collection so this popular pregnancy is referred to as a wine pregnant. Wine pregnancy can occur without a fetus at all. This happens when the sperm inseminates a dry egg so there is no embryo but there is the only placenta in the womb. The placenta grows and produces the pregnancy hormone so that it appears a positive sign on your test pack.

Symptoms are uterine enlargement faster than expected, increased blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, clerk, and bleeding, and can have symptoms of thyroid pain. Check your cervix for other signs such as the enlarged or enlarged uterus, enlarged ovaries, and detect abnormal levels of hormone hCG. Grape pregnancy can be seen through the use. The action to overcome is curettage. You who have had a wine pregnancy need to wait a year before getting pregnant again. If you have been pregnant with wine, you should not use IUD as a contraceptive.

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